GPS Security

Focus Telecom has emerged as an innovator in GPS security, developing unique, patented technologies and producing solutions that protect critical infrastructure against attacks on Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems.

GPS Resilient Kit – Protecting against GPS Jamming

Focus Telecom protection against jamming and monitoring in one easy to install package,

  • Protected Signal 1575.42 MHz(GPS L1 C/a code
  • Pass through signal GLONASS L1
  • Optional module for real-time monitoring & reporting
  • OtoSphere -Core technology
  • Dual Antennas supplied

RF Switch – Protect PNT against GPS Vulnerabilities

The ease with which a GNSS RF signal can be blocked or disrupted and the damage this can cause, have made every organization understand the paramount importance of protecting GNSS systems.

  • Ability to turn on/off GNSS signals to protect servers
  • Pre-programmable mode
  • Instant disconnection from GPS world for imminent threat
  • Comply with relevant authorities instructions

GPSensor – Monitoring PNT Jamming Threats

Visibility of jamming attacks is essential to protecting critical infrastructure.

  • The GPSensor is a standalone device that monitors GNSS frequencies and reports intentional and unintentional attacks.
  • It carries out regular monitoring of each site and transmits critical information in real-time over a cellular link, either to our InfiniDome cloud or to the customer’s dedicated cloud.

OtoSphere™ the only commercial GNSS protection Solution

This compact device is an add-on module to any GNSS based system. OtoSphere™ enables normal operation during jamming events.

  • small, light, affordable, and simple to install. OtoSphere™ is free from export control.   


Industry’s first GPS jamming attack monitoring and management system. Control and visibility of GPS health and attacks for critical assets.

  • Allows for control and visibility of GPS attacks
  • Geographical map shows location & status of all monitored devices
  • Real time reporting

OEM Board

No other commercial solution offering such protection is as small, light, affordable or as easily integrated as our OEM Board

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