Welcome to Sampson Technology

Sampson Technology has been formed to provide state of the art GNSS Technologies and services to commercial users. We have an extensive background in the GNSS market starting in the early nineties with NAVSTAR GPS systems. Over the years we have gained valuable experience and knowledge in a range of areas such as vehicle telematics, GNSS positioning and simulation to mention just a few.

Sampson Technology are the exclusive distributor for Racelogic LabSat in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Holland & Belgium – offering a range of multi-constellation GNSS Simulators and positioning products for reliable, repeatable testing solutions. We are also the UK distributor for Focus Telecom – offering a range of GPS Security solutions to protect critical infrastructure against attacks on Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems.

What can Sampson Technology do for you?

The range of products supplied by Sampson Technology lend themselves to a large variety of testing applications from antenna testing to HILS rigs and many others in between.
With our wealth of experience, we have created a range of testing guides, connection diagrams and application notes to assist you in finding the best product and test setup to meet your requirements.

Let us make finding the right product easier.