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Latest news: 5 June 2020

During the coronavirus lock down many LabSat customers are taking advantage of the portability and convenience of LabSat 3 and SatGen software to continue GNSS testing at home. The simplicity of LabSat allows engineers to continue to test in any home office without the need for external antennas or wiring. With a worldwide library of GNSS scenarios testing can continue seamlessly and easily.

14 May 2020

SatGen version 3.12.5 is now available.The updated software version includes an anti-spoofing flag feature and support for simulating the NAVIC (formerly known as IRNSS) L5 signal. Latest version can be downloaded from the LabSat website.

When L1C/A is simulated, but neither L1P nor L2P: The anti-spoofing flag is ON. This tells the receiver that the encrypted Y-Code is transmitted instead of the public P-Code on L1 and L2. SatGen can’t simulate the Y-Code, but we set the anti-spoofing flag to ON, because some receivers refuse to work if that flag is OFF.

When L1C/A is simulated together with any of L1P and L2P signals: The anti-spoofing flag is OFF. This tells the receiver that the public P-Code is transmitted on L1 and L2.

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Version 3.12.6 BETA Alongside this we have released SatGen v3 BETA version 3.12.6, this version includes support for simulating the NAVIC S-Band signal. This version can be also be downloaded from the LabSat website.

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